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Barnyard Ministries is where a child’s eyes are first opened to the Word of God and His love. Just as a child sits for hours and plays in complete amazement at a colorful toy, so can their amazement be turned to Jesus. It is our responsibility to instill in the youngest of children at New Heritage the wonder that is Jesus Christ. The wonder of worship, of His Word, of His love. Barnyard Ministries is where the Word of God is first made alive to a child. The Barnyard equips a child with the wonder they need to discover more of God when they reach Backyard Ministries. Barnyard Ministries is more than childcare. Barnyard Ministries is ministry to children. It is the privilege to cradle a child in your arms, or sit and teach them a Bible story, and know that you are working for the Kingdom of God. What a privilege to teach and hold the children of God!

Much like a Barnyard animal is in need of a loving worker to make sure they have food to eat, water to drink and their every need taken care of, so are the infants and toddlers in Barnyard Ministries. It is our responsibility to feed God’s children, not just provide a place for a child to stay while their parents are in church. Barnyard Ministry is a place where beginners, who need to know the wonder of God, can come and be fed.

Barnyard Nursery is available on Sunday Mornings for Sunday School and Morning Worship and during Bible Study on Wednesday nights